Gellibrand Community House

The Gellibrand Community House lives in The Gellibrand Public Hall. We are a Not For Profit organisation, here to support the local community to learn, connect together and advocate for.
We are Carer Friendly and a Child Safe Space.

Our Vision
The Vision of the Gellibrand Community House is to provide lifelong learning opportunities and social networks, encouraging people to develop skills, confidence and a sense of community involvement. Comprehensive and diverse ranges of classes/activities are offered each term, which foster our commitment to lifelong learning.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Gellibrand Community House is to provide a welcoming and safe place that actively fosters inclusive participation and partnership in living and learning. We do this by offering accessible and affordable courses, programs and services designed to enrich the lives of all in our community, regardless of age, ability or background. We encourage a sense of belonging in the community.

What is a Neighbourhood House?

Neighbourhood Houses bring people together to connect, learn and contribute in their local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities, using a unique community development approach.

Community development enables communities to identify and address their own needs. It starts from the assumption that communities have existing strengths and assets that make them part of the solution.

Neighbourhood Houses welcome people from all walks of life. This inclusive approach creates opportunities for individuals and groups to enrich their lives through connections they might not otherwise make, strengthening networks and building social capital.

Our Governance

The term ‘governance’ refers to a Not For Profit organisation’s Board and its collective legal responsibility as an incorporated association, company limited by guarantee or cooperative, according to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981, and the organisation’s rules.

Overall Governance of the Gellibrand Community House is guided through the State sectors of:

  • State Government Victoria – Department of Health and Human Services;
  • Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, and:
  • Barwon Network of Community Houses.

Local Governance of the Gellibrand Community House is guided by a Committee of Management:

Chair Vice Chair
Public Officer Secretary
Treasurer Normal Committee Members